Siroflex® Window & Door Foam sealant is a single component minimal expanding polyurethane sealant. Siroflex® foam sealant creates a water resistant bond to vinyl, wood and metal frames, making it ideal for filling cracks and voids where air can penetrate. 


  • Tack Free in 15 min. Can cut or trim in less than an hour
  • 24 hours for full cure.
  • Eliminates drafts and saves energy with an airtight bond.
  • Minimal expanding foam- won't bow windows or door frames.
  • Closed cell foam does not absorb moisture.
  • Seals up to 4 average sized windows 36" x 60", 3/8"width x 1"depth of gap sealed.
  • Eliminates water and air penetration
  • Adheres to vinyl, metal and wood frames.
  • Can be used to seal any areas where air infiltration or heat loss may occur.
  • Foam elasticity allows for joint movement.


Typical Properties 


  • Skinning time: 15 minutes@77º F
  • Cut time: 1 hour
  • Cure time: 6-12 hours
  • Specific Gravity: 1.10
  • Paintability: Paintable with latex paints
  • Application Temperature: 40º F - 80º F
  • Service Temperature: -40º F to 200º F
  • Shelf life: 12 months from date of mfg
  • Storage: Store in a dry cool area (40º F to 80º F)

Siroflex Minimal Expanding Foam Sealant (Case of 12)