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Founded in 1952, Wojan Window & Door Corp. manufactures custom commercial aluminum windows and sliding glass doors for the U.S. marketplace from facilities in Charlevoix and Coldwater, Michigan. The diverse product line is rated for a variety of commercial and architectural applications, and includes blast-resistant and hurricane impact models.

Hospitality is Wojan's buisness 



Wojan is an approved supplier for Hilton® Worldwide and Marriott®, a member of AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), a registered provider with the American Institute of Architects' Continuing Education System and a PPG Certified Commercial Window Fabricator.

Wojan is Reserch & Development


The ability to test components and assembled products is crucial to the quality and performance of effective window products. Wojan has an in-house test and prototype lab with an excellent staff, whose job it is to make sure that our parts and processes are held to the highest standard of quality.


Wojan tests for air, water, structural, and thermal. While many window manufacturers test for these things, Wojan also does life cycle testing, IGU testing, along with hurrican impact, and blast testing for various commerical windows. 

Wojan understands commercial


Specifactions and codes can be confusing, often times specifications use boilerplate sections that are out of date and can be contridicting from one page to the next. Wojan understands the commerical market and knows what products best meet a customers needs. 


When you team up with Midwest Direct Sales and Wojan you can be sure that you'll have the right window for your project.