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We make railing easy!

The old way of fabricating railing on site at a project is over with Midwest Direct Sales. We measure on site and then fabricate the project in our facility in a controlled environment.


This eliminates the potential for damage and theft, keeps your site clean and results in a much faster installation process.   

We use Vista Pro commercial railing, click here for more information. Vista Rail

When we bring prefabricated product, labeled and pre-measured, to your project site we can typically install 2-3 times more in a single day than others typically can. We average 15-25 balconies during an average onsite trip. 

For those outside our installed market we offer a precut program. Measurements are sent to our team (or we measure on site) then fabricate your order and ship railing, including all necessary fasteners, within 3-5 business days.