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Midwest Direct Sales is an Indianapolis based firm that installs railing and fencing for residential contractors and consumers, along with commercial general contractors. We additionally supply wholesale building materials to both general contractors and building material supply companies.  

For our commercial customers we use PlanSwift the #1 takeoff and estimating software in the industry. We'll provide you an accurate and complete takeoff.


When we send a proposal we include the marked up plan quantities that show exactly how we arrived at our numbers. We include complete product descriptions to show that our products meet the specification you provide.

Midwest Direct Sales now offers turnkey installation to commercial general contractors. We currently provide installation of commercial railing, windows, doors, and hardware, on multifamily and assisted living projects within 300 miles of Indianapolis. We are actively working to broaden this service to additional products and to expand our installation market area.

We have a comprehensive construction safety and health plan, extensive commercial general liability coverage, and company staff to oversee subcontractor labor on site and work with project superintendents to ensure meeting your construction schedule. 

We don't stop once we've ordered material or signed a contract for installation. Our team always knows what's going on with your project. We use SmartSheet to perform professional project management. With just a few clicks everyone in our office knows exactly what's going on with your project at anytime. 

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